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Your Gorgeous Wedding Video For Only $499 & Photo $699

Live Stream video for your family and friends, documentary or artistics wedding video, talented wedding photographers.

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All the most important parts of the day and all emotions will be captured for you

From shooting documentary video for $499 to artistic wedding movie with aerial shots and live streams. From photo booth to professional photographers.
Everything’s easier and better with WeddingVideo.Live

Before WeddingVideo.Live...

  • You have to spend a lot of money for your wedding video
  • Your friends and family in other states and countries cannot to be on your special day
  • It is difficult to find professional photographers and videographers whom you can trust to shoot your wedding

...with WeddingVideo.Live

  • Wedding Video For Only $499 and Photo from $599
    We give you the cheapest prices for wedding video and photo services.
  • Live Streaming
    All your friends and family can share this day with you even from other states and countries.
  • We have over 11 years of wedding videography and photography experience
    We've shot hundreds of weddings. We know how to capture your wedding day to create perfect wedding pictures and wedding movie.

Video Examples

“WeddingVideo.Live helped me and my family during our wedding. Some of my family members do not live near us and actually live abroad, and WeddingVideo.Live helped them to be present at our wedding through live- streaming. The live-stream images could be edited at the same time, and made it easy for my family members to be present and witness our wedding at the 4K resolution. I am amazed by how technology is changing now days, and thankful for WeddingVideo.Live for bringing this technology to us on our special day and connecting our family members that not only near us but also far away. Thank you for capturing our special day for us on this wonderful live-stream system. It saved our memory forever for us and our family across the globe. Thank you.”


“During our wedding, my fiancé and I were looking for something that would fit perfectly with our budget and our image of how our wedding should be filmed. When we found WeddingVideo.Live, we knew that that is exactly what we were looking for. The WeddingVideo.Live films everything live-stream and edits images right away as it captures the images. My fiancé and I were excited to have such a system during our wedding that would film our ceremony and our vows exchange. I am grateful that WeddingVideo.Live was available for my wedding and creating memorable images for us to keep. Thank you, Guys!!!”


Get answers to your FAQs here

How to book Photograpy and Videography with WeddingVideo.Live?
In order to book the date you should CONTACT US, choose the package you want, sign a contract and make the deposit. Three easy steps to create a great memory. Contact Us.
How does this work?
For the day of our assistant coming to your venue and set up all the cameras and start to stream them. You and your guest are having the access to your wedding video right away on Facebook Page if you book Live Stream Video. After the wedding day you'll receive the link with the footage or the highlight video if you book the Platinum or Luxury package.
What is your videography style?
We provide documentary and cinematic/artistic videography. If you're on a budget and you like our Basic, Premium or Platinum packages you will get documentary videography. If you want to get cinematic/artistic style of videography, the Artistic Basic, Artistic Premium and Artistic Platinum Packages are for you.
What about audio?
There are stereo microphones built into every camera. Which gives the opportunity to record the important audio moment of your wedding. Also, we offer to book an additional lapel microphone for your wedding ceremony.
What forms of payment do you accept?
You can pay with any major credit card (Visa, Mastercard), check, PayPal or cash.
What is the final product we will receive?
Depends of the package you choose you will receive either USB flash with 720p or 1080p edited footage and the like to shared video either just the link to the online chanel with the wedding.
What is the assistant role?
The assistant bring the cameras and set up them on the site. After the streaming started the assistant edit the video simultaneously. You don’t do anything just seat back and enjoy your special day!
How many pictures and how long is the video?
We truly believe that in the battle quality vs. quantity the first one always win. It’s hard to give you exact numbers but we could guarantee you 60 edited pictures per hour. The wedding highlight video is usually longs 3-4 minutes.
When we will receive our video?
You will receive the footage within a couple of days after the wedding day. If you book a package with the edited video, you will get the video within 8 weeks after the wedding day.

Additional Services

Live Stream Video - $199/up to 1 hr

Brand new technology of Live Stream video for your event. Your friends will be able to watch your event from anywhere in the world!

Lapel Microphone - $99

There are good stereo microphones built into the cameras. But sometimes you need more than just camera's microphone. Wedding audio is just as important as the images, whether it's an indoor or an outdoor wedding. An extra bit of attention to wedding audio is well worth the effort.

Drone Videography - $699/2 hrs

Aerial videography is a great feature to show the beauty of your wedding venue. Mountains, coast, city… Aerial footages always make your wedding film looks like real hollywood movie.

Video Editing - $399

After editing, your wedding video will have all the right elements of the event: ceremony, cake cutting, bouquet toss, etc. Your wedding video is a lifetime investment that you can replay after 15 or 20 years. In fact, you can pass it down to your children. They can see what their parents looked like during their wedding day. They can also feel the emotion of that day and hear the words that were said. But more than that, it gives the whole family to reflect and remember.

We can edit the Highligt video (up to 4 minutes).

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